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Digvijay Horse Riding Academy is teaching Horse Riding skills since last 15 years. It is the organization with Legendry Historian “Shri Shivashahir Babasaheb Purandhare” and Late Lt. Gen. Y.D.Sahastrabudhe[PVSM] as its founders. Digvijay Horse Riding Academy which is the honorable member of Equestrian Federation of India (EFI), is giving training on its 4 acres training ground at Shivshrusti, Ambegaon Katraj, Pune.

Digvijay Pratisthan is the academy dedicated for the training in horse riding skills. The academy, in its kind of sports, is committed to take in to all walks of life. Flexing of muscles and quick reflexes are needed during riding a horse. This is what one achieves through a systematic training. Once acquired, these skills of balance of mind and physical fitness would come handy to any one as confidence- booster in day to day life activities. Your posture becomes erect, and head is held high. It gives immense pleasure when one commands a horse and gets proper response from it. Nevertheless, such proficiency is possible only when one undergoes a sound and systematic training. Digvijay Pratisthan is actively involved and committed for such training for last 15th years at different schools in Pune. Digvijay Pratisthan also has its own well equipped premises of three acres; where in the training sessions are conducted. Through this activity Digvijay Pratisthan has been promoting the participants to compete in State as well as National Level Equestrian Competitions. In December 2014, we have successfully organized Fifth state level Equestrian Competitions in Pune on our own premises. Digvijay Pratisthan has a unique activity – expeditions on horse back. Every year Digvijay Pratisthan organizes at least one such expedition, covering forts and countryside of Maharashtra.

Dijvijay Pratishthan is a will known institute in the field of horse riding and proud member of Equestrian Federation of India (EFI). We aim at developing and popularizing horse riding as a sport. Horse Riding is a very good exercise to the whole body. It not only keeps the body physically fit but also enhances one’s confidence, decision making ability and over all mental strength. It is the rare sport where one enjoys togetherness with an
animal. We conduct riding classes on the 4 acres of land at Shivshrushti, Ambegaon near Katraj Pune. We, Digvijay Pratishthan, have partnered with many schools to provide horse riding as adventure sport in their curriculum. We Digvijayans also conduct horse riding expeditions and participate in competitions. We conduct one day Horse Safari, including training and contryside horse riding, even for the beginners.

Team Leader
Mr. Gunesh Purandare
A Gold medalists of National Equestrian Games 2005. Specialized in organizing and leading more than 50 expeditions and trails for last 18 years.
Team Leader in the Expedition from Pune to Delhi on horse back covering 1560 Kms in the year 1999. Imparting training for last 16 years. Successfully organized Five STATE LEVEL EQUESTRIAN COMPETITIONS, year 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, 2014

National Level Equestrian Competitions - Nashik 2005
› Medals : Two Gold, Four Silver, Three Bronze
National Level Equestrian Competitions - Pune 2005
› Medals : Two Gold, Four Bronze
Interschool Competitions - Pune 2006
› Medals : Six Gold, Nine Silver, Eight Bronze
Amateur Competitions - Pune 2009
› Medals : Two Silver
Dehli Horse show 2012
› Medals : One Silver, One Bronze
Won Late Lt. Gen. Y.D.Sahastrabudhe Cup for overall
Championship in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Digvijay Horse
Riding Safari
is affiliated to MTDC